Bundled BrochuresIn the age of the internet, it makes sense that you have a website and social media presence. But your effort for lead generation shouldn’t stop there. You can’t just make a site and post on Facebook and wait for them to come. You have to give your company the best marketing leads you can.

That’s why many companies still choose to make printed booklets and here are some design tips to help you make good ones. Remember these when you plan for your booklet or brochure printing this year.

Decide on your fonts

God forbid, do not use Comic Sans. Unless, of course, if you’re offering products and services meant for children, then go ahead and use fonts like Comic Sans. As much as possible, limit your typefaces to a maximum of three kinds throughout the brochure or booklet.

You should stick to readable fonts and avoid scripts, unless needed.

Not all papers are made equal

The type of paper you use for your booklet and brochures speak a lot about you and your business. In recent years, high bright white paper is gaining popularity, but there are also off-white papers that are good, too. You also need to decide on the texture of the paper.

You don’t have to settle for the most expensive type of paper. You just need to decide on the stock that is perfect for the product or service you are selling.

Hire the pros

Creating good quality brochures and booklets require the pros – from copywriting to designing to printing. You have to hire pros to do it unless you already have the know-how.

While there are many desktop design programs you can use, it takes a pro to create stunning brochures that will speak volumes about the work that you do.

Paper-focused marketing can help you generate many customers, especially if you put a lot of effort and work into creating these paper products. Keep these in mind if you want to create brochures and booklet for your business this year.