Man working on a marketing planWhen running a business, short-term wins count and they cannot keep you afloat. It is the repeatable and scalable models for marketing that drives success. They encourage companies to engage their audience consistently and get new prospective clients to notice their business.

One great way to learn how to grow a startup is by working with people who have been successful at growing their businesses. You can find these people at small business forums that are designed to help entrepreneurs connect. From them, you can learn how to market your business more effectively. Here are three marketing techniques each startup should use to succeed:


People are emotional; they respond to things that strike a chord with them. It’s okay to quote figures and facts, but you will only keep the attention of your customers if you can help them feel. Storytelling in marketing allows people to engage with your brand. A business with a compelling story that connects with what their customers believe, expect, and desire will be memorable.


All business decisions should always be based on data. Information about your clients how they find you, whether they visit your website, and how frequently should be used to formulate marketing strategies. Analytics will also help you know how your content is being consumed, whether it is helpful, and how you should proceed.

Lead generation

Your business cannot grow if all you do is churn out content without getting it in the eyes of more people. Use content marketing as part of your marketing strategy to reach a wider market. Just make sure you direct people to your landing pages, so they can see how your business can help them.

For many startups, the temptation to chase quick returns is strong. Businesses jump onto trends without thinking about sustainability and pour all their money into them. However, if you want your business to mature, you will have to put in place scalable and reliable business marketing practices.