chopped logs in front of fireplaceWhen the weather gets cold, there’s nothing like bundling up in front of a fireplace to get warm. However, fireplaces can produce a significant amount of pollution.

These 3 alternatives give people that warm and cozy fireplace-feel without harming the environment.

Fire Glass Crystals

According to Fireglass Factory, fire glass crystals are made of a special type of glass that is extremely efficient at retaining heat. These small, rounded pieces of heat-resistant glass are used in conjunction with gas fire pits and are perfect for indoors.

Because fire glass crystals do not burn, they do not release any toxic fumes, nor do they leave any residue. Some cleaning is required to keep the crystals free of soot, but by and large, fire glass crystals are easier to clean than a fireplace with regular wooden logs.

Fire Rocks

Fire rocks are special types of rock that are used in fire pits and fireplaces. These rocks are usually igneous and are highly efficient at absorbing and retaining heat without breaking or cracking.

Much like fire glass crystals, fire stones do not burn, which makes them suitable for indoor use, as well. Fire rocks, however, are porous. Thus, bacteria can get trapped in the microscopic holes, which means that fire rocks require a bit more maintenance than fire glass crystals.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a combination of sawdust and other byproducts from lumber production. These specially formulated mini logs burn more efficiently than regular logs, as the pellets hold less moisture content.

A drawback to this material, however, is that homeowners need a special stove to burn the wood pellets. Pellet stoves can be bulky and expensive, and because wood pellets burn, they leave behind ash and residue. This material also produces a fair amount of smoke, which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Having a cozy and warm night with loved ones doesn’t have to consume a lot of resources. With these alternatives, families can snuggle up while being considerate of the environment.