A mechanic in the garage Other than protecting your fuel from contamination with all forms of unwanted deposits, a fuel filter helps in shielding your fuel pump and injectors. In addition, it increases your fuel efficiency and promotes better engine function. That makes fuel filter one of the most important parts of your vehicle.

When you highly depend on your car, you can’t afford to deal with the consequences of a faulty fuel filter. These signs will tell you whether you need a replacement filter for your ride:

No Start

There are various reasons your car engine does not start, and unfortunately, a clogged fuel filter is one of them. This happens when your engine is unable to draw fuel due to a blockage. Additionally, a non-functional fuel filter causes fuel distribution problems before the engine refuses to start. As such, upon realising that your car engine does not start, check your fuel filter for problems.

Shaky Engine

Whenever you pull over at a stop light and your engine starts feeling all shaky, this could mean you have fuel inhibition as a result of a clogged fuel filter. As such, your next stop should be at an auto repair shop – to have the filter checked and replaced. This will not only increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, but also improve your comfort behind the wheels.

Too Many Struggles at Low Speeds

Sometimes, when you are driving on the highway, you might feel that your engine is just fine. But when you are driving into your driveway or after the traffic lights have turned green, and you start experiencing unstable engine behaviour, your fuel filter could be the problem. The clogging makes it hard for your vehicle to stabilise and remain efficient at low speeds.

There is nothing as disappointing and embarrassing as a problematic vehicle. Therefore, when signing up for your wheel alignment and balancing, also remember to have your car fuel filter checked, or replaced if necessary. As such, you will not only ensure fuel efficiency, but also a reliable car.