signage and graphics serviceAdvertising is an essential part of all profitable businesses. Its primary objective is to get a brand be seen by as many people as possible. Remaining memorable is, however, a huge part of successful marketing. One of the ways to remain constantly visible is by branding your vehicles.

Graphics is the ideal way to gain constant and broad exposure to your target market. The vehicle graphics should, however, be designed and installed by a Utah expert to ensure your brand is getting positive exposure.

Here are some types of vehicle graphics you can select for your brand:


These are custom designed sheets of magnetic printable materials. They’re applied to your fleet’s doors or rears and are flexible, affordable, and efficient for small businesses. Magnets offer an option of attaching and removing pieces of information as you deem fit. This makes them the best choice for companies that rely on seasons and those operating in rapidly changing markets.


These are also known as spot graphics. Decals are rendered on high-quality vinyl films using large format digital printers. They offer an option to include images and photos along with the graphics. You can use it to display your products, logo, and handiwork on your work vehicles. They come in various sizes to suit different vehicles and budgets.

Vehicle Lettering

This is the least costly vehicle graphics option. It includes your business’ contacts and name on your vehicles in different typefaces, styles, colors, and sizes. The letters can be customized to match your brand’s colors. You can choose from a wide variety of films for your fleet lettering including chrome, metallic, neon vinyl, and reflective films.

Consistent graphics regardless of their type are essential to avoid confusing your clients. The ideal way to achieve consistency is to brand all your entire fleet in the same shop. You should also regularly update faded and old graphics to project an excellent image.