Scanning packages in the warehouseProducts might draw people to your store—as well as well-crafted marketing—but what’s going to keep customers coming back is the quality of service that you give them. On the most basic level, this is about being communicative to your audience. It doesn’t stop there, however.

The fact is that customer service starts before they buy and long after the package is delivered. From the need for tech support to the essential nature of a reverse logistics provider like ReverseLogix, here are three customer service investments you need today.

Tech Support

One of the most important aspects of customer service after purchasing is product support. Let’s face it, as great as products may be, there are moments when there will be a fault that will get your customers irked. When this happens, great companies provide prompt and comprehensive service and product support. This includes anything from on-demand support to even step-by-step troubleshooting. The key here is to be prompt.


In the absolute worst case, you’re going to have to face the prospect of a return. This is usually at a point when your customer is disappointed and agitated. You should make sure that your returns procedure is well polished. Additionally, you should pair up with a dependable reverse logistics company. They will be the ones to process the return on your behalf and ensure that this is done quickly and efficiently. This will breed a level of confidence from your customers.


Finally, and this isn’t tied with any kind of problems—you should also consider giving out bonuses for those customers who have truly stayed with you down the months or even years. It can be as simple as a branded giveaway, a loyalty card, or even discounts. The point is to ensure that they feel special in a very practical sense. These kinds of gifts might cost you some money, but the payoff in terms of more sales down the line is certainly worth it.

Follow these three tips, and you can be sure that your customers are left happy and content.