Woman Holding a BrochureWith most industry applications turning to digital solutions, it is easy for print to seem like it is losing its edge. But, print brochures remain among the most effective means to get your message to your intended audience.

To reach a larger audience with your message and grow your brand with brochures, there are some rules you must follow here. These include:

Print Quality

The services you hire in printing your papers can either build or bring down your marketing campaign. Poor quality printing paper will not send a right image of your business to your customers. Quality is a core value in any industry, and your marketing efforts should portray that.

High-Resolution Images

There is a power that visual presentation possesses that the written content cannot express. But, even when using images and graphic design solutions, choose those with high resolution. Low- resolution images appear blurry, which may not give the impression you need to send out.

Introduce Folds

Folds are common in brochure design. The brochure can wither be a half-fold, roll-fold, or a tri-fold. The prefix before the ‘fold’ indicates the resultant number of panels. A folded brochure is attractive and alluring to open, hence suitable for marketing.

What Goes into Your Cover

Most people will judge your business by the ‘cover’ of your marketing tools. Do not display too many images or use too many words on the brochure covers.

Entice your readers with eye-catching designs and excellent wording. Working with a reputable printing company will help you find the right design for your brochure covers.

Brochures are practical tools in getting your message into the marketplace. You, however, need to be accurate with the details and design that go into it.

Your brand image and the message you send to potential clients banks on how well you present your company’s products and services. The margin for error when doing brochure printing should be very narrow.