repairman beside a huge water heaterHaving a water heater in your home is a must. Not only can it give you hot water for your tea and coffee, it can also help you get through the cold winter season.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of installing a water heater or planning to replace your old one, there are things worth noting. Aside from the fact that you need a professional to help with the installation, Order A Plumber reminds that there are factors to consider before making a purchase.

Heater type

There are various types of water heaters and they are mostly classified depending on the energy it uses to run as well as its storage type. Some water heaters run by gas, while others are run by electricity. As for the storage, some homeowners have the luxury of space to install fully tanked water heaters, while those who are living in small areas often opt for tankless ones.


How many of you are going to use hot water on a daily basis? The answer to this question is vital in helping you decide the capacity of the water heater that you should purchase. Buying the right heater capacity can help save money in the installation as well as the overall bills in the long run.


Prices of water heaters vary depending on their type, size, and capacity. Therefore, make sure to research and have all the information you need before going shopping.


Your water heater should be able to give you hot water without busting your monthly power consumption and budget. Your heater should consume as few amounts of energy as possible when running to maximize its efficiency.

Keep these things in mind and be able to easily find the water heater that is right for you. When in doubt, feel free to consult an expert.