Working StudentThe working student subculture is an American tradition that’s not going away soon. In fact, almost 14 million American college students are working at least part-time while they pursue a degree, Forbes reported.

Working in the retail and customer service industry is common for these enterprising students, but online jobs are becoming more popular these days because they offer more flexibility time-wise. Here is a list of online jobs that are worth looking into.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is an ideal job for college students who are passionate about writing and have no trouble coming up with ideas and putting it into words on a regular basis. You can zero in on your niche to keep you motivated to write.

Online Seller

If you’re more of a businessperson, you may find success selling items online. You can set up a website to sell your old academic books, for instance. You can also supply the needs of your schoolmates through a website. There are many ways an entrepreneurial student can make money through an online business. To help your operation along, take advantage of the services of a reliable dropshipping supplier. This way you won’t have to cram your inventory in your small dorm room.

Social Media Assistant

This job will pay you to spend your time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — a dream come true when you are already inclined towards that type of behavior in the first place. As social media assistant, you’ll help companies manage their social media networks. Your tasks will range from posting content to coming up with content marketing strategies.

Online Tutor

Numerous websites host online tutorials, and they rely on students to work as their tutors. There is a fixed rate for most websites, but some allow you to set your rates. Pursuing this job entails an assessment to determine if you are qualified to tutor others first, however.

Data Entry

Data Entry is a simple task some companies are outsourcing. It requires entering information into electronic forms. To get the job, you need to brush up on your typing and software skills.

Online jobs are a great option for college students who want to earn extra cash without investing too much energy and money.