Luxury hotel receptionAdmit it. Hotel guests are hard to please. They’re picky, clingy, and sometimes too bossy for you to handle. However, these are all part of the job. What you can do as a hotelier is provide them with the best service you can give. How? Begin by providing the following:

Free and Fast Wi-Fi

Not all hotels provide free Wi-Fi to their guests, which can be a bummer for businesspeople and travelling folks. Subscribe to a fast and reliable broadband plan and let your guests access it for free. A little investment can turn into good reviews and return customers.


Decaffeinated guests are unhappy guests, so perk up their morning by putting a coffeemaker (with beans, of course) inside their room. It doesn’t need to be grand, though. As long as it produces aromatic and great-tasting coffee, then you’re good to go.

Mini Bar

A mini bar is a great addition to any hotel room. It can be costly, though, so only include it in suites and executive rooms. Make it simple yet efficient by adding a fine selection of wines and liquor, glasses, bottle openers, and a mini fridge made for hotels.

Netflix and Lots of TV Channels

Guests on vacation would love to sit back, relax, and watch movies while in the comforts of their hotel room. Make their trip more memorable by providing a good range of channels and streaming services like Netflix.

Branded Toiletries

Make branded toiletries a highlight of staying in your hotel. Other than making guests feel special, branded shampoo, conditioner, and body wash will encourage them to go back. After all, that’s one less item for them to pack.

Shuttle Services

A free ride going to the airport or nearest shopping centre is a great amenity your hotel can provide. It offers customers safety and convenience, improving their experience overall. Set up a pickup and drop off time to save gas and keep your guests reminded.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, little things go a long way. Surprise your guests by providing one-of-a-kind amenities that will make them come back and earn you a good review.