A worker building a roof on a houseYou may not need to replace your roof now or anytime soon, but you cannot avoid the need for intensive repairs. It could be because of a water damage issue that has gotten out of hand, or your shingles that have become all curled and buckled. No matter what the case is, you need roofing companies in Lancaster, PA to inspect your roof and tell you if it’s time that you invest in re-roofing. Here’s a guide to help you understand every phase of the project.

Removal and examination

Re-roofing involves doing substantial repairs. Because of this, the contractors must remove the existing shingles and felt underlayment for close examination. They will also scrutinize the roofing structures that provide support for signs of rotting or damage. They will then plan repairs based on the issues of concern that they have identified.

Roof vents and flashings replacements

Every part of the roof is important and needs to be in a perfect state. Because metal flashings are prone to rusting especially when there is a water damage problem, they will need to be replaced. New ridge venting or vents will likewise have to be installed to ensure structural integrity and to affirm that your current issues of concern are solved without failure.

Felt and shingles installation

In most cases, the felt underlayment has to be replaced. It is the layer that protects the shingles and its state matters a lot. Once this phase is complete, then the contractor will reinstall the roof shingles that are in good shape and replace or repair those with imperfections.

It takes having a good skill set, devotion and precision for any contractor to handle a re-roofing project efficiently. Because of the delicacy of the tasks, you must not take chances with just any roofer. Choose a company that has proven records of accomplishment and a good standing within your area.