a person sitting in a black electric wheelchairLong-term wheelchair users are switching to electric or power wheelchairs, which are gaining popularity. Although they are more expensive than traditional manual wheelchairs, they have lots of benefits that help people with disabilities live their lives easier. With electric wheelchairs, you’ll have greater mobility without someone assisting you or exhausting yourself among other things.

Faster Travel

An electric wheelchair can travel faster and longer distances than its manual cousin, all at the push of a button. Manual self-propelling is still possible but can be exhausting for the upper arms. Days out shopping and trips to the park would be more enjoyable with a battery powered wheelchair.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Powered wheelchairs are easier to manoeuvre than manual ones. Their users can get into spaces smaller than is possible with a traditional chair and with joystick control it’s easier to navigate around obstacles.

Adjustable Height

Basic wheelchairs come with padded cushions but the height setting is limited. This makes cooking, using an ATM or visiting a restaurant awkward or difficult. Users of electric wheelchairs can heighten or lower their seat to accommodate what they are doing at the time.

Better Cushioning

Power chairs have superior cushioning. They have a comfortable back and seat cushioning. They can also be fitted with head and neck support for people who want to rest their heads on their wheelchair.

All-Terrain Models

Some models of electric wheelchairs are designed for off-road use. Many wheelchair users struggle to go up hills or on rough terrain. All-terrain models are designed with larger, heavy-duty wheels which will operate in mud and sand easily. This opens up access to challenging roads to allow users to explore more of their world.

Independent living stores can help people choose the best type of wheelchair to accommodate to your specific lifestyle.