Trucks at parking lotA bold truck driver said that without the trucking industry, the world would come to a standstill. While that statement seems a bit arrogant, it could not be more accurate. Everything from fuel, construction materials, food, cars, and even clothing is often transported from the port or airport to the sellers using trucks.

In the case you are thinking of joining the trucking industry, you should know that it pays to getthe right truck and trailer with regard to their application. While its power mainly influences the kind of truck you opt for, the trailer choice depends on the types of goods you will be ferrying. That said, below are the various types of trailers you can choose from.

Flat Bed Trailers

Flatbeds are very popular because of their versatile nature. Since it’s just an open platform, you can load the freight from whichever side including the front side. While transporting vehicles, flatbeds are preferred over other trailers because they are more affordable and can carry a lot more cars.

Enclosed trailers

If weather conditions and road elements can damage freight, an enclosed trailer should be used. This type of trailer is loaded from the rear though some can be loaded from the side using a loading dock. A dry van can carry a maximum weight of 45,000 lbs. with a height of below 8ft.

Refrigerated trailers

A refrigerated truck is a temperature controlled trailer that is used to transport frozen or chilled products. Many items such as fruits, vegetables, meat products, daily and medication must be kept refrigerated at all times to avoid going bad even during transportation. No matter how hot it is outside, the trailer can keep the produce fresh and crisp.

As you can see, the type of freight you deal with mainly determines what kind of truck or trailer you will choose. Some trailers can be modified and added a few axles to carry more cargo, and some can even be disconnected to make loading easier. Buying trucks and trailers from a reputable company is the best way to go to ensure you get exactly what you need.