Puzzle piece with the word The short answer is yes.

The very first use of a promotional product is rumoured to have been a commemorative button for the presidential election of U.S president George Washington in 1789. Mass use of promotional material did not occur until the 1960’s, but people consistently use them since then to help communities grow their businesses.

How Do They Work?

Before investing in promotional products for business, it is reasonable to ask the question: do these products work?  Since the advent of the internet, the way in which consumers shop has changed, so are promotions still worth it?

According to the Australasian Promotional Products Association, the industry makes more than $1.34 billion every year and another $144 million in New Zealand.  Why?  It is because logo items and freebies work and keep customers returning repeatedly.

More Than Half of Consumers Do Business After a Campaign

A total of 52% of people targeted by personalised or logo campaigns go on to do business with the company, and the same number have more positive feelings about them after seeing their promotional products.

Some 76% can remember the name of the advertised product and 55% keep their items for more than a year, with almost half using them daily. Things like personalised USB storage sticks for the computer, pens and mugs are useful products that people need. 

What’s more, they share these around or pass them between friends, which mean their advertising value doubles without any further investment from the business.

Nearly everyone (91%) has a promotional product in their kitchen, and the kitchen is one of the most popular places for family and friends to gather, with the average Australian spending three to five hours every day in their kitchen.  

It is easy then to see how much advertising mileage you could gain from just one promotional product. For more information about how personalised and logo products could boost your business, contact a local provider.