Classic car modelsAustralia’s penchant for cars has become more prominent as it accounted for the most number of Toyota Land Cruiser sales in the world, according to data from Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Japanese car maker said that the country now makes up 10 percent of vehicle sales, ever since the Toyota Land Cruiser was launched in 1954. The popularity of the car model among Australians continues to be evident with more than 700,000 units sold from its launch. Almost 7 million cars have been sold worldwide.

Popular Model

Toyota Australia sold 6,451 LandCruiser units between January and June 2017, which makes it the most popular SUV in the country. This year, car transactions rose 21.1 per cent compared to the same period in 2016, while sales rose 49 per cent in June year over year. Meanwhile, Sales of the Nissan Patrol trailed far behind with only 543 units.

The popularity of the Land Cruiser among Australian drivers has an added benefit: finding equipment and spare parts are easy. This isn’t just exclusive to the Land Cruiser type; owners will also not find it hard to replace a fuel filter for Toyota HiLux or Corolla models.

Historical Growth

Buyers from the United Arab Emirates now top annual sales of Land Cruisers, although Australia still comprised a significant portion of global sales at 11.3 per cent or nearly 19,000 vehicles. Tony Cramb, Toyota Australia executive director of sales, said that its Australian customers consist of different people from remote farmers to urban residents.

Cramb added that some of the Land Cruiser variants now feature added safety and modern components. The 200 Series Sahara, for instance, allows drivers to pass through off-road terrain effortlessly and manoeuvre through city traffic with the use of four cameras.

There’s no doubt that Toyota’s car models remain popular in Australia for a variety of reasons. In your case, what’s your favourite car from the Japanese auto maker?