A professional cleaner that is cleaning window blindsAs an entrepreneur, you need talent to be ahead of your competition. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should do everything alone. Attempting to be a one-person team often leads to challenges too difficult to overcome. The results differ from taking a far longer time to accomplish your goals to never accomplishing them at all, which often means the absolute failure of the business.

While the answer is often to hire staff to take point on many jobs or projects, you should also consider the expenses that come with hiring full-time employees for everything. Hiring full-time should be an option for the most important positions. For the rest, it would be wise to outsource to a third party.

Here are some examples of jobs you should think about outsourcing to an outside company or freelancer:

Cleaning and sanitation

It goes without saying that keeping the office clean is not something you or your employees should be doing. Your employees should be responsible for keeping their work areas orderly, for health, safety, and productivity, but you can’t expect them to clean the toilet or the break room or even mop the floor. That’s a job for a reputable janitorial service in Salt Lake City. Get some referrals from other business owners you know, and do your own research on the best provider that fits your needs.

Back office jobs

Responsibilities like accounting and bookkeeping, talent scouting and hiring, and even many clerical jobs are often in-house. These days, however, with technology on the side of the business of any size, you can outsource these responsibilities. It will mean entrusting them to another company or two, so be sure to take your time in deciding which one to hire. When you succeed in finding the right company or companies, however, you are free to work on the responsibility of growing your business.


You can also hire in-house security if you feel more comfortable doing that, but most business owners would rather call a security agency. The benefits include not having to vet the applicants and paying a more manageable fee. If you have any problems at all with the personnel, the agency can replace them with one phone call.

Customer service

If you are still doing customer service by yourself or relying on a few people to man the phones, you could be losing a lot of revenue. These days, companies don’t only answer phone calls; they also have email and social media, among other things. This is one aspect of your company you should outsource to maximize your benefits and profits.

There are certain responsibilities in your business that you can pass on to a third party. Doing so can free you up to concentrate on what makes your business more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable.