Types of green cemeteriesThe green movement is continually expanding and has now found a home in funerals. The number of green cemeteries has been growing steadily. These are the number one option for over 64% of adults aged forty and above.

There are now different green cemetery options a funeral service home like Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries in Roy will have for those interested. These burial grounds are categorized according to their degree of natural resources and environmental conservation. Here are the three primary green cemetery categories.

Hybrid Cemeteries

These in most instances are regular cemeteries. Hybrid burial grounds, unlike traditional options, offer burial without an inverted or partial vault, concrete box, partitioned or slab liner or a vault lid but rather green funeral caskets. Bodies interred in hybrid cemeteries have no embalming restrictions.

Natural Cemeteries

These cemeteries have more restrictions compared to hybrid burial grounds. Bodies interred here are also buried in natural casket materials which will degrade over time. They should also be embalmed using eco-friendly chemicals and natural means only. Natural burial grounds, unlike hybrid ones, use pesticide-free systems to maintain the landscape and have restrictions on the size, visibility, and type of your memorial markers. This is to preserve the cemetery’s natural landscape.

Conservation Cemeteries

These are the highest level of eco-friendly burial grounds available. They meet all the requirements of natural and hybrid burial grounds. Other than these criteria, conservation cemeteries have established conservation groups which augment eco-conservation goals.

Other than the green casket materials required in the above burial grounds, green headstones are also a standard requirement. If you or your loved one want to contribute towards the earth’s sustainability even after your passing on, then the above burial ground options are your best choice.

There are now pre-planning funeral services available which you can use to guarantee your wishes are followed and ease a funeral planning burden for your loved ones.