Police officerThe frequency of criminal record checks has increased in recent times. This is in a push to make the world a safer place. The biggest users of this vital service are employers when hiring new employees. Police checks in Australia are however not a preserve of employers.

Rather than lengthy application processes at NSW police stations, you can conveniently use online police checks for your search. The ACIC fully accredits these, and you can be assured of the authenticity of their reports. Here are some of the police checks designed for various purposes.

A National Criminal History Check

This is a name-only check. The whole search involves matching a person’s name against national police criminal records. Employers primarily seek a national criminal history check. It can however still be used for official documents supporting visa and insurance applications.

A Police Certificate Search

This is a more comprehensive search compared to the name-only search. It is habitually called a ‘name with fingerprints’ check. Your name and fingerprints will be matched against fingerprint and criminal records in a nationwide police database. This is the commonly sought search for visa applications since only a handful of countries accept name-only searches. It is also a requirement for individuals applying for adoption.

An Ammonium Nitrate Police Certificate Search

This is a name-only search combined with ASIO security assessment. The ASIO security records relate to persons with a history of politically motivated violence. This search is required for all applicants seeking employment with firms with access to ammonium nitrate. These are typically mining companies.

From the above police check categories, you can now appreciate the fact that virtually everyone needs police checks. Though you might not have an immediate need for it, get a police check done now. The certificate you are issued with will prove useful in many areas in future.