Behind the scenes of a corporate photoshootCertain company events call for the help of professional photographers. Whether it is for an updated website or new members of the executive team, everyone should dress their part for the occasion.

As a business owner or manager, it is important to relay the proper dress code to your team so everyone can look his or her best.

A premier headshot photographer in DC shares some helpful tips on dressing for that perfect shot.

Keep it professional

If you are not specifically aiming for a relaxed or casual theme, remind your staff to stick to a professional look. This means polished shoes, coat, tie, and a suit. The ladies may wear a shift dress, a classic blouse with a skirt or trousers, and a suit jacket.

Go for neutral colors as much as possible, and try to stay away from crazy patterns. A solid, crisp, and clean look is ideal for a professional corporate portrait shoot.

Go easy on jewelry and accessories

A “loud” feather scarf may be okay during casual Friday, but it may not be the best accessory during a company shoot. Remember that these pictures will represent your business, so it is better to keep the accessories and jewelry to a minimum.

Ask the gentlemen to go for a classic look with simple cuff links, with only their watch and wedding band as the only adornment that they are showing, whenever applicable. The ladies may display a minimalist necklace with a pair of stud or hoop earrings.

Do a last-minute touch-up

Before going in front of the camera, take a few minutes to touch up your clothes, makeup, and hair. If someone had to rush to the shoot, ask him or her to relax and calm down first, so the tension will not be visible in the photo.

The photographer understands that these little details have a great impact on how everyone will appear in the photos, so he or she will usually be more than patient to give you the time.

With these tips, your company shoot should be a breeze. Do not forget to hire an experienced corporate photographer to make this whole experience hassle-free.