An Office Set UpYou may already have read articles that warn you about how sitting at your desk all day could lead to your early demise.

People are not idle beings, but modern lifestyle drives them to spend most of their time sitting instead of standing. This, however, has severe consequences to the lifespan, weight and posture.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. You can make a few important developments such as in the design of your workspace, and start the next time you buy boardroom furniture. Here are other ways to create a healthier workspace that inspires productivity:

 Consider a Standing Desk

Standing desks are an essential piece of office equipment that will benefit health conscious employees. You can choose from several designs, with some even giving you the freedom to move your desk up and down. This way, you can alternate between standing and sitting.

Adjust Your Monitor

An easy way to maintain great posture is to examine your monitor and determine its height on the desk. The principal rule is that your monitor should be at arm’s length from your chair, and your eyes should be at the same level as the top of your monitor.

To improve your workspace further, get an adjustable monitor stand. Some adjustable models offer two different heights, to help you find the level that you find most comfortable.

Take Afternoon Naps

Many corporations worldwide allow their employees to sleep because they know the advantages of recharging their teams’ batteries. Power naps are a new revolution, so go ahead and let yourself enjoy a 20-minute siesta to improve your productivity and health levels.

You spend a huge part of your day at work, so why not improve your workspace to make it conducive to good health and productivity? Keep the above pieces of advice in mind on your next renovation project.