Woman painting a wall Color selection is not as easy as it seems. Choosing the right paint for the room can make or break your home’s design and appearance. Salt Lake City painting companies are more than willing to apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls.
But before they start pulling out their rollers, American Town Painting explains that you need to know what color you want for your space.

The Color Wheel

If you are stumped by what color of paint to splash on your walls, try starting with the basics. Refer to the color wheel to see which colors are complementary.

Start with the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and work your way to the secondary colors (purple, green, and orange).

Lighting the Way

Taking these lighting conditions into consideration can help narrow down your paint options. Strong colors, for example, are best on accent walls with indirect light and worse on walls next to large windows.

Finish Line

When choosing paints, it’s best to consider the finish as well as color and shade. When dried, flat finish paint comes off as sophisticated and modern. But flat finish paints are difficult to clean, so it is best to avoid using them in kitchens and bathrooms. The eggshell finish offers a low luster, decorative look that is traditionally used in dining rooms for that elegant touch.

A satin finish is the most popular and works well in hallways, foyers, and other high-traffic areas. Glossy finishes come in two types: semi-gloss and high-gloss. Both offer a shiny, polished look and are easy to clean. They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Your personal preference still plays a huge factor in choosing the right paint. Go for colors that make you happy, excited, or relaxed and use these guidelines when deciding. This way, you can avoid the risk of being too monochromatic or looking like you live inside a rainbow.