Three workers looking at a blueprintA camera installed with artificial intelligence could be the game-changer for safety improvement in Australia’s construction industry. The technology could be beneficial at a time when the value of construction projects are on the rise. In September, data from CoreLogic showed that the value of commercial work in the country amounted to $32 billion, up by a staggering 500 per cent from August.

RediPlant shares some information about this innovative construction technology.

The Value of Safety

The new AI-backed camera works by alerting machine operators about potential safety hazards in their immediate surroundings. The device could also warn people if objects within their vicinity are also prone to damages, which could eventually compromise safety.

Otherwise known as the Toolbox Spotter, the AI machine uses deep learning to analyse workplace risks and see whether they are man-made. After it recognises a threat, it sends a notification that could be received based on the user’s preferences. The camera would be particularly useful in excavation sites where there are plenty of blind spots for people and machines.

Commercial Work

Earthmoving plant for hire and other rental equipment would likely be more in demand as a result of the recent increase in commercial project values. Contractors should consider leasing equipment instead of buying new ones since the cost of buying and maintenance may be higher.

James Shang, CoreLogic's commercial research analyst, said that the increase in construction costs comes despite a weakening housing market. Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data, Shang noted that the housing boom might be close to reaching its peak.

Safety becomes a focal point for the construction sector when there is an increase in the value of projects, as this indicates that more is at stake when accidents take place. Whether or not you use modern technology, one way to prevent such incidents is the use of durable and well-maintained equipment.