court hearingIn the law profession, court reporting is of vital importance. The court reports give you access to crucial verbal testimonies and allow you to come up with appropriate follow-up questions for witnesses. You can also use the transcripts at a later date for reference to other cases.

No successful law practice is hence complete without the services of court reporters in Phoenix, AZ, such as Phoenix Deposition Services. There are various types of court reporting handled by these accomplished and skilled staff. Here are some tidbits to expand your understanding of these types of reporting.

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)

CART entails transcription of real-time dialogue into text for people with a hearing disability. In CART there are multiple methods of displaying the transcriber’s words ranging from projector screens, mobile devices, and computer monitors.

The primary goal of a CART is to enable anybody with a hearing disability to follow court proceedings with ease.

Stenographic Reporting

Stenography includes taking statements during hearings or trials and transcribing them on a stenotype machine. Stenographic reporting uses shorthand to take down the notes. This is a technique used to transcribe notes quickly to avoid missing any critical information.

This type of court reporting is exceptionally accurate, and the words are largely identical to those spoken in court.

Deposition Reporting

This reporting takes place out of court. A deposition reporter works with case witnesses before trial. In most cases, this reporter also swears in the witness in a deposition. Deposition reporters require a reporting license to handle this vital task.

If your company is scouting for a court reporter to handle any of the categories of reporting mentioned above, hiring from a firm rather than employing an in-house one is the ideal option.

This option is cost-efficient and allows you to access the best reporters at minimal costs. With a good court reporter, the revenue your firm stands to benefit from winning your cases is worth your investment.