Hand clicking the word An estimated 83 percent of the information processed by our brains is through the sense of sight. If you are looking to engage your existing customers and attract prospective ones, this piece of statistics should point you in the right direction.

The Relation of Advertising and Awareness

Meanwhile, data available from the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) indicates a connection between promotional product advertising and enhanced brand recognition as well as increased sales.

In 2012, the BPMA carried out a study, surveying almost 15,000 people who received a free promotional item such as corporate branded merchandises within the preceding twelve months.

The results of this research showed recall of the brand on that item by 66 percent of the participants. Findings also indicated a higher Return on Investment (ROI) on promotional items than outdoor and radio adverts.

These three retail merchandising trends show you how to make visual merchandising work for you.

Personalised Offerings

Consumers have a wider choice these days and more importantly, they know it. They are regularly enticed to release more of their details and preferences at various points of brand interaction both offline and online.

Thus, they expect to have a more personalised experience when browsing your online store and even when making physical purchases. Coca-Cola’s Share-a-Coke campaign is a good example of this.

Interactive Merchandising Displays

The human desire to satisfy the senses still drives traffic to physical points of sale such as stores. Depending on the kind of goods involved, you could give out products samples or free corporate branded merchandise to stimulate brand recollection and nostalgia of in-store experience.

Colourful Signage

Colours are very powerful in merchandising, and research findings indicate that more than sixty percent of a shoppers’ purchase decision they make based on colour alone. Bold colours attract the human eyes, especially when you accentuate them with a subtle backdrop that could be solid white or black.

As consumers demand more from brands, you can stimulate interest or add pep to an existing customer relationship by simply giving out promotional items. This goes a long way in creating customer loyalty.