Natural disaster happenedThe aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina in 2005 has left thousands of Americans homeless. While most of the people have bounced back more than a decade after the catastrophe, the journey to a new life was not easy.

When natural disasters such as this strike, the first thing one can think of, aside from being in a safe and secure place, is how to rebuild their home with the help of their insurance.

Regardless of whether you are a victim of such humongous accident or calamity, natural disaster insurance claims may come in handy. Here are some ways you can file for an insurance claim and get approval.

Check and create an inventory

After everything has settled, do a thorough inventory of the damage that your home has sustained. Creating a list of the things destroyed by the accident is the first step to determining your type of claim.

Take pictures

Treat it like a crime scene. Immediately take photographs that would serve as proof. Avoid disposing of damaged pieces unless it is a health hazard. If you need to dispose of something, do not forget to take a picture of it as proof.

Review the coverage

Go back to your insurance agreement and see your agreed coverage. Self-assess to be able to know how much you would get back based on the agreement you have signed.

Assess your needs

Avoid doing extensive repairs before an assessor can evaluate your home. Also, avoid getting deals with contractors who would demand a high sum of payment up front only to do a shabby job in the end. Properly assess your needs and file for the amount that you need from your insurance company.

No one wants to experience such extensive damages at home. But when you do, here are the things that you should keep in mind to make the most of what you have been paying for.