Floor installationShould you use vinyl or laminate for your flooring at home? Are you prioritising quality over price or price over quality? Is vinyl cheaper than laminate? Your answer will depend once you determine your budget, apart from knowing the pros and cons of each flooring type.

Flooring Solutions

Vinyl flooring costs as low as $34 per square metre without installation fees. This type would work for your house if there’s a lot of foot traffic due to its enhanced comfort and durability. Unlike timber floors, walking on vinyl creates little noise. This makes vinyl a good option if you have children and pets. Once you decide on a new flooring, however, it would not be easily removable.

Laminate flooring is much cheaper than vinyl, costing as low as $19.50 per square metre without installation fees. This should be your option if you are looking for an easily removable flooring type, although take note that you may not use this for laundry areas and bathrooms. It also does not provide enough soundproofing features, which would not make them ideal for apartments.

Kitchen Tiles

Water-proofing tiling for Sydney homes is a common choice, particularly in the kitchen. If you are conscious about stains, avoid using tiles with bright colours. Larger-sized tiles are usually easier to clean, so choose them especially if you often use the kitchen.

The best advantage of using tiles in the kitchen is their durability and lifespan. With proper maintenance, they can last years without needing replacement. Some tiles also act as an insulator during cold weather, while they keep you cool during hotter months.

Have you decided on what type of flooring is best for your home and budget? Remember that flooring installation requires an expert, so it is better to contact a tradesman carry out the task.