Children in a day care facilityA home-based child care service is an entrepreneurial opportunity for those people who like taking care of children and educating them. But aside from getting the necessary paperwork and training, you would need the right suppliers too.

For most people, the first things to come to mind when you mention day care are toys and art supplies. While these are surely something you need, the essential ones are everyday supplies and items.

Naptime Essentials

A small cot or a kindergarten sleep mat is needed for a safe and comfortable nap time. Folding mats and stackable cots can be used to maximise space. If you want to care for much younger children, a crib might be a sound investment. You can also provide them with quilts and blankets.

Household Supplies

You need storage equipment and shelves organising clothes, diapers, and other personal effects that children might need. You’re also going to need toy storage bins. Make sure that the shelves are anchored to the wall securely in case some kids are the adventurous type and try to climb them.

You should also purchase kid-sized furniture as well as children’s table ware. Plastic ones are more durable and quite affordable for those who are just starting up.

Purchase kid-sized toilets and seats, so children will have an easier time washing their hands and using the toilet without needing assistance. You should also have a ready supply of toilet paper, liquid soap, and hand sanitizer.

Cleaning Supplies

Spills and dirt are inevitable in a day care centre, invest in a durable vacuum cleaner as well as a carpet cleaner as you’re going to be needing it every day.

You should also have an extra stock of diapers and wipes for circumstances when a parent forgets to bring some.

Starting a day care service might seem like a daunting task, but not everything is a must especially if you are just starting out. Stock up on the essentials and work on your documentation and training to start your career as a day care owner.