Employee's workspace with plantsMore and more unique work opportunities arise. Along with them comes the changing needs of the workspace. A person may already have a hard time explaining what a ‘social media manager’ is; things get more complicated when they explain how they are doing it from home. That’s where you come in–with options for their dynamic workspace.

Here are some business opportunities targetting those who have dynamic jobs:

Coworking Spaces

Freelancers need a place that provides the basic requirements of their job: fast internet service, comfortable seating options, surroundings conducive to work and free coffee. A virtual office franchise like Venture X can easily be set up to meet these needs, and you may also have the serviced option, so cleaning up will not be a problem for those who are busy with work. They may rent the space for a day, a week or even a full month to save on costs.

Coffee Shops

Starbucks has been an unofficial hangout spot for those who need to study or get their work done in a comfortable environment. They can listen to great music while waiting for the caffeine to kick in, and the lighting is not too harsh that they have eye strain by the end of the day. Starbucks, however, does not own a monopoly on people who want a more quiet environment. To attract those who need to do some serious work without getting distracted, your coffee shop can offer well-spaced seating options and ergonomic tables.

Conference Areas

Whether a small company just needs a bigger space or a home-based business needs a professional place for a meeting, you can meet their needs by offering conference and meeting areas. These can be rented by the hour and can have a phone line, a projector, chairs and fast internet. Find a good location in the business district so it will fit in with other companies and attract more clients.

Businesses these days need help in setting up their unique workspaces. You can offer a solution to their temporary needs.