Incomplete garden shedWhether you are in the garden to mow the lawn or grow vegetables for household use, you will need a weatherproof garden shed to store your tools and equipment.

How much space do you need? How much space do you have to set up the shed? Is your environment destructive to metal or wood? This guide rounds up some of the most popular types of sheds you can build in your home in Tamworth, NSW.

Metal Shed

Metal sheds get their popularity from their strong and durable nature. However, many people did not like them in the past because they were regarded as less attractive. With modern technology, you can get a metal shed design that complements your home and garden. In fact, some have a wood grain exterior that gives a soft feel and a strong structure at the same time.

Wooden Shed

Arguably, this is the most popular type of garden shed. Wooden sheds are available in contemporary and traditional designs to perfectly suit the theme of your home. They are easy to assemble and work with, depending on the type of wood that you choose. In that case, you can choose either heavy duty or domestic wood.

Plastic Shed

If you are on a low budget and looking for an affordable solution to your garden shed requirements, then a plastic shed is the way to go. There are various quality grades available, with high-end plastic lasting longer with nearly zero maintenance. Moreover, if you experience extreme environmental conditions, such as excess moisture and a high level of salt in the atmosphere, a plastic shed is the best option, as it does not rust or rot.

It is important to note that every shed has a unique feature to offer. It is, therefore, necessary to list down your requirements and priorities, so you can compare your options and get the right one.