A man fishing on a sunny dayFishing may be a waiting game, but it can also be a most rewarding experience once you get a catch. The weather is warming up in the United States, and you can find more fishing enthusiasts taking out their boat to start fishing. 2017 offers new fishing gear, so you may want to check out fishing gear outlets and stores in Michigan before you set out. You may just be in need of a gear upgrade.

Spinning Rods

Fishing experts took 32 rods and tested them through heavy fishing to find out which ones deserve to be on your shopping list. When you need a spinning fishing rod, you can choose a lightweight rod structure with a rigid guide train. Or you can choose one that has an agile tip and eight single-foot guides that accent the blank’s flexibility.

Baitcasting Rods

When you want a baitcasting fishing rod, however, you can choose one that transfers kinetic energy into baits for longer casts so you can load the blank easily. There are baitcasting rods with a super-sensitive tip and a Winn grip. There are also baitcasting rods which can perfectly throw ¼ to ½-ounce baits.


When you are in need of a new fishing reel, find one that features a military-spec anodization. Some reels also have a ball-and-ramp drag system that boasts great stopping power. You can adjust the drag system at 330 degrees, allowing you to match the reel to your rig and micro-tune it when the need arises.


Finally, baits come in all shapes, sizes, and appearance, yet you can do well with a 4-inch, ½ -ounce bait that cuts hard sideways. Some also have round-bend hooks.

Find more gear that you would need for your fishing forays in your fishing gear store in Michigan. Make your experience the best even if the biggest catches get away.