A Gift BasketA hamper is a simple, basic object that does not inspire fanfare. Put in a bottle of fine wine, premium cheeses, fruits, hams and chocolates, however, and you’ll have a gift basket worthy of a VIP.

A gourmet gift basket is not just a regular assembly of sweets and edibles. This is a basket filled with carefully selected food and wine. People who receive them will feel special and treasured.

It’s not just because of the price, too. In choosing the finest, freshest, and most delicious food and beverages, you give the message that the recipient deserves the best. Champers Hampers recommends giving this gift when expressing sincere appreciation and gratitude.

But, of course, how you give a gift matters as much as the gift itself.

  1. Give it while the food is still fresh. Consider the items in the hamper. Egg-based pastries and meats have a shorter shelf life than cheeses and preserves. To be safe, give the gift at your earliest convenience.
  2. Secure the individual wrappings. Vacuum wrappings or airtight containers will keep ants off and preserve the freshness of the food.
  3. Cushion the wine. If the bottle cracks, the liquid could ruin the rest of the hamper’s contents.
  4. Dress up the hamper. Make it appropriate for the occasion and the recipient.
  5. Keep it in the refrigerator prior to giving. This prevents the food from getting stale quickly.

Pre-Assembled Baskets

One advantage of buying a pre-assembled basket is that the service will do all of the above. They secure breakables with cloth or wood shavings (some even include an ice pack for the wine). They individually wrap the food items as needed, and they normally decorate the hamper according to a theme or occasion. Some services allow customers to choose the contents of their gift baskets.  Best of all is the delivery service.

Whether you assemble a hamper yourself or order one from a gourmet gift basket service, freshness and quality of the food should be the priority.