Image of broken glass pieces in black backgroundWith the recent launch of Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, many were worried about one thing: its glass backing. Now, there are concerns about accidentally breaking the glass on the back and front. Many are especially terrified because of the cost associated with repairs. Though Apple claims that the glass is strong and reinforced by an internal steel structure, it will take some time before the fears are quelled.

The Beauty and Strength of Glass

Glass is seen everywhere because of the beauty it lends to an item or structure. Buildings with glass windows reflect the skyline, while a glass fence makes a property seem more elegant. Some even go as far as having glass walls for their house. It hardly seems surprising that phones will follow suit, as the beauty of glass being so apparent.

Glass, when chosen properly, is also strong enough to withstand damage. Thankfully, there is no concern about your walls shattering at the smallest bump or the slightest wind. Safety glass is particularly important to avoid damage that could result from breakage.

The Fragility of Glass

Many understand that glass needs to be reinforced for it to be safe, especially during times of accidents involving glass windows shattering and potentially harming people. Manufacturers have put in a great deal of effort to keep glass clear yet sturdy, and to enable them to withstand harsh weather conditions and strong force.

Unfortunately, glass is not the perfect material just yet. It can still break, and if that happens for your window shop or home, you will need emergency glass repair as soon as possible. Glass can be beautiful when it is undamaged, but strong force, whether intentionally applied or not, can cause it to break and leave whatever is behind it unprotected.

Glass is indeed beautiful, and recent improvements have made it durable enough for plenty of applications. However, you still need to beware of the dangers.