Brand IconFrom your website to marketing collateral or corporate stationary, graphic design serves an important purpose for your brand. While your products and services play a big part in defining consumer experience and brand development, graphic design also contributes largely to the same aspects of your business.

For the year 2017, you can commit to improving your brand with the help of a digital marketing agency specialising in graphic design. Here are a few trends you can employ in your graphic design plan.

Brighter and Louder

For one, you can expect louder and brighter colours, such as orange, red and yellow to make your web pages more appealing. Many corporations have used muted colours for consumers to take in easily, but the muted colour bandwagon has destroyed the power of such colours. You can take the lead of Spotify, for example, and lean towards brighter, edgier colours.

Bigger and Bolder

Typography has also changed for 2017. You can no longer rely on regular font sizes and font styles. The shift to mobile devices and the shorter attention span of consumers have given rise to the trend of bigger, bolder typefaces. Such typefaces serve to optimise mobile content experiences and catch the attention of online users.

Authentic and Original

In the past, all businesses relied on stock photos they got from the Internet. As more content appear online these days, consumers look for unique and high-quality images. You can attract more visitors to your website or social media accounts by using original photos that draw attention, like what Voodoo Creative does to the websites of its clients.

Hand-Drawn, Minimalism and Cinemagraphs

Numerous other trends you can employ include hand-drawn graphics and icons, and minimalist design with the inclusion of colours other than black, white, and grey. You can likewise use cinemagraphs and still images with one or two moving elements.

When you have a great graphic design, you have already developed a large portion of your brand. A well-developed brand is more likely to stand out and achieve continued success.