The average pricing of ducted air conditioning in NSWThe cost of ducted air conditioning in New South Wales will depend on the size of your home, which can range from $5,000 for a small apartment to $11,000 for a two-storey house.

If you’re looking for the best ducted air-conditioning prices in Sydney, you should expect to pay more or less than $7,000 for a 14kw ducted inverter split type.

Ducted System Prices

The size of your home and your chosen brand are just some ways to determine the actual cost of buying and installing a ducted cooling system. The price increases as you add more segments and zones around the house.

Experts also recommend using a larger unit. A six-star unit, for instance, will be cheaper and more energy-efficient than a 2.5-star unit. You might spend more upfront when planning to buy a larger unit, but you will save on maintenance and electricity bills over time. This is important, especially if you live in a place where prices are quite high.

Electricity Prices

A report showed that Australians who live in regional and rural parts of New South Wales pay $1,000 more for electricity consumption per year compared to households in the city. Tamworth residents pay the most expensive rates at $4,090 on average every year. This is 5 per cent higher than the rural and regional average of $3,860.

The cheapest annual average rates are in Western Sydney, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains, where households pay $3,570. Aside from using energy-efficiency cooling systems, residents in the state could save up to $700 per year if they take the time to look for the best offer on the market. This is possible if you’re not dependent on the Ausgrid network.

When shopping for a ducted air-conditioner, don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest one since you won’t be saving money if it doesn’t help in lowering your utility expenses. Don’t forget that your chosen professional installer should have an Australian Refrigeration Council licence.