Cleaning services teamCommercial cleaning services may cost around $20 per visit or up to $2,000 per month, depending on many factors. If you are in California, for example, noted that professional office cleaning in San Diego could be more or less expensive in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Some factors that determine the price include the size of your office and the frequency of cleaning.

Professional Rates

Small offices may only spend up to $30 each time a professional cleaner visits, which is usually at night. This rate covers light services, such as trash disposal, vacuuming, and dusting the premises. You would need to spend more if restrooms are included in the services. If you prefer weekly cleaning, it may cost up to $200 per month for basic services.

Businesses with larger offices would simply have to spend more, especially if they require specialized services, such as waxing the floors and cleaning the carpets. Some service providers charge their clients with a flat rate per square foot, which may cost from five to 55 cents.

Saving Money

Some buildings offer a discount to its commercial tenants if they hire their landlord’s chosen contractors, so consider signing a deal with these companies. One-time cleaning jobs or those that are only necessary once a year may be better left for third-party service providers.

Another way to save on expenses involves providing professional cleaners with equipment and supplies. This way, you would only have to pay for their labor and other possible miscellaneous fees. By having your own cleaning supplies, you choose which products to use for cleaning your office premises.

Smaller businesses can save money by hiring a professional cleaner now and then, instead of hiring a full-time janitor. How much are you willing to spend on commercial cleaning services?