a couple with their new carEven when you are conscious of the impact of your actions on the environment, you can still not avoid contributing a lot to the carbon footprint. This is especially true if you are a car owner. Vehicles emit a lot of gases that contribute to global warming.

The environmentally-friendly models, such as electric and hybrid cars, are not exactly the most ideal choices due to their hefty costs. That said, there are still some ways to minimize your car’s carbon footprint. Here are some of them:

Repair windshield

When you fix a windshield, you are helping out in preventing a non-recyclable auto glass from being put in the dumpster. Just the fact that you are doing this is already a major step towards making things more eco-friendly.

It also helps the owner save time and money, considering that the cost of a replacement is much higher. Search for credible windshield repair in Mesa, AZ so that you will be able to make your more eco-friendly.

Remove extra weight from the car

The extra weight you put on your car can reduce fuel efficiency. If there are unnecessary items in the car, remove them.

Minimize the use of air conditioning

No matter how hot it is, resist the urge to turn on the air conditioning system so that less battery and gas will be consumed.

Fix your fuel system

The fuel system of a car is made up mainly of fuel injectors, fuel pump, and fuel lines. Because of the many components, the entire system must be maintained properly and regularly. Otherwise, more gas will be consumed. Changing the filter from time to time is one way to do this.

Sure, your car will still use gas and contribute to greenhouse emissions. But with the tips mentioned above, you will at least see a reduction in your contribution to the global carbon footprint.