Fruits and vegetables at a big fruit standThe quest for health and well-being has grown these days. This is the perfect time to start that fruit and vegetable stand business you’ve always wanted. You can sell products from your farm, or find a good source. You’ll also have to invest in a good weighing scale. explains that weighing equipment must be simple, accurate, and easy to operate. And that’s exactly what you’ll need for a startup produce stand. Here are four steps to get you started.

1. Determine Exactly What You Want to Sell

Fruits and vegetables may have different harvest seasons. Knowing what kind of produce you’ll be selling will help you create a supply schedule to manage your inventory.

2. Choose the Perfect Location

You can have your stand at a farmer’s market where you’ll have to follow area assignments and pay a membership fee. You can also choose to have a roadside stand where what you’ll sell will depend on how much traffic the road gets.

3. Set Your Prices

Once you’ve determined what your products will be and where you’ll be setting up, now you can set your prices. Price wars are discouraged in farmer’s markets because it can mess up the pricing system. Consider labor, capital, product value, and competitor’s prices when determining yours and make sure you come down to a fair price.

4. Think Design, Signage, and Promotion

The last step is to find a way to brand your stand. Think about how you differ from other fruit stands. Do you only sell local produce? Organic? Whatever it is, make sure your customers know your edge when they pass by your stand.

Having baskets full of apples and crates full of tomatoes is an inspiring sight. So as you do what you love to do, don’t forget that it’s still a business. Take time to plan it out, and keep your finances in check. You’ll never know when this modest effort can turn into a family enterprise.