A Happy Family Moving to their New HomeThere are many benefits to living in Kennewick, especially when it offers steady job opportunities, low cost of living and a place that is at the forefront of statewide growth. There are parks and attractions in the area that are all historical and special in the state of Washington. Agents from rcsothebysrealty.com add that Kennewick is also a thriving community where you can experience small-town life with the amenities of big city living.

Historic Attractions

Kennewick has many historical attractions that are significant in American History. These three sites are the most popular.

The Lewis and Clark Trail

The city is near the Columbia River near the Lewis and Clark Trail that was marked during the Louisiana exploration in the 1800s. It passes through portions of several states, from Washington to Oregon.

World Trade Center Memorial Monument

Visitors would also find the World Trade Center Memorial Monument, a memorial for the victims of the 9/11 attacks. The monument was a column artifact from the World Trade Center. It is an 11-meter high steel column weighing nearly 2,700 kg. It was built ten years after 9/11 at the Southridge Sports Complex.

Clover Island

The Clover Island lighthouse was the first built in the US since 1964. The lighthouse received the approval of the US Coast Guard, and it flashes a beacon to guide ships in the Columbia River.

Clover Island has restaurants and other public attractions for the public, which allows them an enhanced view of the river.

Clover Island is a 16-acre recreational destination near downtown Kennewick. It has restaurants, a hotel, and a yacht club, all enhanced by new public access for views of the river. The area is now popular for entertainment, wildlife viewing, and recreation.

Perfect Investment Opportunity

For those looking for a new home that could provide a good investment opportunity for the future, Kennewick offers families and retirees the perfect place to live their dreams and make an investment for life.