Interior of a car showing the engineYou depend on your daily driver to get you through the day’s journey. You expect it to perform at peak power be it for overtaking on a highway, managing an incline or perhaps even a few slightly off-road situations. If your truck refuses to deliver full power, particularly when you need it the most, there are things that may be wrong with it. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons for a truck or car to deliver poor power.

Compression is low

Cylinder compression should be at full strength in the combustion process. If your truck is exhibiting poor or low compression, it will lack power.

The fuel filter is clogged or damaged

Your Hilux fuel filter catches impurities between the fuel injectors and the fuel pump of your Toyota. This prevents the impurities from reaching the engine. A dirty filter can clog up or become damaged so that impurities may eventually reach the engine, compromising power and eventually causing damage to it.

The air filter is damaged or clogged

For your truck to run, the internal combustion chamber has to mix fuel and air. This is how the engine generates power. The air filter’s job is to ensure the air that mixes with the fuel is free from debris like bugs and dust. A bad air filter won’t be able to screen for impurities, which can end up limiting engine performance and possibly damaging it.

The exhaust is clogged

The catalytic converter reduces the pollution from exhaust, and the muffler limits noise. These are both filters in the exhaust. If they or the exhaust pipe are clogged or damaged, the engine will have a tough time giving enough power whenever you try to accelerate. Your truck may even stall if the clogging is that bad.

With a failing catalytic converter, you may also notice engine rattling and the Check Engine Light coming on.

These are only some of the mechanical reasons for a truck’s loss of power. There may be other factors affecting your vehicles, such as malfunctioning sensors and actuators (e.g. spark plugs). If you experience a problem with engine power, take your Hilux to the nearest service centre and have the faulty part replaced or repaired. Forcing your truck to run with a broken mechanical part, actuator, or sensor may lead to more expensive or even irreparable damage to the engine.