a condominiumThe Philippines is known for its beaches, friendly people, and good food. That said, it is not a surprise how foreigners fall in love with the country to the point of wanting to live here permanently. Some choose to marry Filipinos, while others go to the country in hopes of securing a job.

Whatever your purpose is for coming to the Philippines, one thing is for sure; Sooner or later, you would want a place to call your own, especially if you plan to spend your retirement years in the country.

Unfortunately, the Philippine law makes it a bit complicated for expatriates to own a property. The good news, however, is there’s a way to find condominium units for sale in Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

Understand the law

An expatriate cannot own a property or a business, but he, by way of RA 4726 or The Condominium Law, can have a condominium unit under his name provided the corporation that owns the whole condominium is 60% owned by Filipinos. So, better research about your developer before choosing a property and you will be good to go.

Look for expat areas

Expats flock in a certain area because it is safe and convenient for them. Doing so would be a practical decision. In addition, you will be living in a place where other expats live.

Work with a lawyer

Find a lawyer who can guide you through the whole process. As a foreigner, there might be slight differences when it comes to legalities and paperwork that you need to adhere to. Having a lawyer to guide you will definitely be a good idea.

With the numerous condominium units popping out all over the metro, choosing one where you can spend the rest of your life will be easy. Start looking for the right property today.