Swimming pool

A swimming pool is a great addition to any house, school, and hospitality establishment. It not only provides a place to relax or exercise, but it also raises the value of the property.

But for it to serve its purpose, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Pool cleaning, however, is not a task you could take lightly, as it requires a substantial amount of time, equipment and labor. It is, therefore, a task best left to pool cleaning service providers in Allen, TX.

Here are the different services these experts offer apart from basic cleaning of your pool’s floor and walls.

Chemical cleaning

There are different cleaning chemicals designed to keep your swimming pool healthy and clean. Sanitizers prevent the growth of algae, contaminants and toxic bacteria in your pool. Balancers keep your pool water clear and maintain its alkalinity level. These chemicals require a delicate balance to prevent adverse effects on the swimmers’ skin.

Cleaning the skimmer basket and pump

Skimmer baskets are essential to a clean pool, as they filter your water. Clogged skimmer baskets decrease a pool pump’s life by making it work harder to cycle water. Professionals will clean your pump and skimmer basket weekly to remove debris build-up, hence increasing your pump’s efficiency and longevity.

Pool cartridge cleaning

The pool cartridge uses debris to keep your water clean, and cleaning it too often might lead to its inefficient working. Not cleaning it enough, on the other hand, shortens its life. Professional pool cleaners are best placed to determine the required frequency of your pool cartridge’s cleaning. They also know how to handle this delicate equipment to ensure its efficient running.

These services are offered on a weekly, monthly or bi-annual basis. It is cost-efficient to have one company handling your pool cleaning, as it can customize your pool cleaning over time to meet specific needs. Professional pool cleaning will take the task off your hands and give you more time to enjoy your pool.