Car robber at nightVehicle theft is one of the costliest property crimes in the United States, costing consumers more than $8.2 billion annually. The crime typically occurs in public spaces and even in private properties. Prevent car theft at home by considering the following practices.

Use the Alarm

Almost every car has a basic alarm, which activates when a thief breaks a window, opens a door, or tries to start the car without disabling the alarm first. Despite being a major feature, many owners forget to use it, especially when at home. Remember that thieves don’t want attention and a loud, blaring siren will most probably deter them from stealing your vehicle. Use your car alarm to its full potential.

Invest in a Garage

When you own multiple vehicles, a driveway isn’t enough to keep them — you need to invest in a garage that can secure them. If you already have one, it is ideal to install a security camera and lock system to ensure vehicle safety. In Wilmington, many garage door repair companies also suggest having it occasionally checked for rust and alignment problems.

Get a Steering Wheel Lock Bar

A steering wheel lock bar is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to secure your vehicle. The tool slides over the steering wheel and locks it in place, preventing thieves from turning it and starting the engine. Steering wheel lock bars are made of hardened metal, which is difficult to disengage and cut.

Invest in a Tracking Device

Tracking devices work through the aid of GPS technology, which allows you to follow your car in case of thievery. It can also notify your mobile phone when the vehicle moves without authorization. In addition, you can discourage thieves from breaking in by advertising the tracking device in your windshield. Put a sticker of the brand or simply place a warning sign.

Keep your car and your family safe by investing in at least three security measures for your property. A little money can go a long way.