Someone pressing an enter key that has the design of the UK flag Doing business in the United Kingdom can be financially rewarding if your products are among those sought after by prospective customers. You can also establish your own business in the UK and be like several British who became very successful. Just remember that there are a number of obligations you need to fulfil so your business will not have any problems


Before you can engage in any kind of business in the UK, make sure that you secure the necessary licenses. You can visit and look for the necessary licenses needed for your type of business. If you are a sole trader, there is a necessary license for you too. Take note that sole traders must be able to register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


As an old adage goes, there is no escaping death and taxes since both will continue to pursue you while alive. In the United Kingdom, business owners need to pay the tax for invoices that they have issued. Even though the customer has not yet paid the invoice, the business is obliged to pay the taxes associated with such invoice.

The Solution

To answer this government requirement, some businesses go for short-term VAT loans with the help of Corporate and Medical Finance Ltd. This type of loan has increased overtime due to the lengthy period that businesses needed to wait to get paid. It mentioned that the waiting time businesses have to endure is 72 days. So when the funds are less, applying for a short term VAT loan is the answer. This will allow you to make prompt VAT payment and avoid crossing swords with HMRC.

The UK is a great place for you to set up and operate a business. It has a good economy and opportunities are abundant. Just make sure that you comply with all the requirements such as licenses and meet your tax obligations. When you do the latter, you will surely be in the good graces of HMRC.