woman pointing the remote control to her AC unitIt is a common misconception that a bigger air conditioner provides efficient and better cooling. This is not necessarily true, as an oversized unit tends to waste more energy. A large appliance can cool the space immediately, but it does a poor job of controlling humidity. This can make the room feel clammy and uncomfortable.

This is why it is always better to install the proper unit with regard to the size of your room. This is will not only promote better humidity. It also enhances overall comfort. Sydney air conditioning service providers note that a properly sized unit can also lower your energy bills and lead to fewer problems and repairs.

Measure the Space and Bring in the Pros

To determine the right size, you need to measure the space that requires cooling. An expert will also make recommendations based on some factors that can affect cooling capacity.

Undersized Units Are Energy Wasters Too

It is true that oversized units are inefficient, but this is also the same for small air conditioners. Smaller systems will have to work harder to cool your room or house. When the AC is cooling a large space for extended periods, it is also likely to devalue faster and require more damage repairs in the future. This can also increase your bills and drain your wallet.

The Importance of Reducing Cooling Loads

You can reduce cooling loads with increased insulation, air sealing, and energy-efficient windows. You can also lower your cooling load by painting the house with soft colours and turning off unnecessary appliances. This lowers the amount of cool air that the system needs to produce to keep you comfortable.

With a wrong-sized AC, the system is likely to turn on and off constantly to remove humidity and produce cool air. If you need to replace your system or install a new one, it is better to call in professionals to find the right air conditioner that suits your needs.