Teacher working on her deskA few years ago, all you needed to get a teaching job was the right qualifications. While it is still a requirement, there are many qualified but unemployed teachers because of the limited vacancies available. Finding a teaching job can seem like an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, here are some tips to take the headache out of your job search.

Create a Winning CV

You might take an entire day putting a CV together. There’s nothing wrong with that. Take the time you need. It must be tailored to the job and school for which you are applying. There are many online resources on creating a good CV, so first ensure you do proper research. Remember to have someone proofread it once you are done.

Accept a Substitute Position

Do not feel you are above being a substitute teacher. Taking up part-time substitute teaching positions at a school you wish to work in will give you the chance to network with the administrators. It is common for schools to offer full-time positions to substitute teachers once there is a vacancy. Subbing is also a good way to boost your CV and pay your bills.

Register With an Education Recruitment Agency

Many schools hire through recruitment agencies to save time and money while avoiding poor recruitment choices. If you want to save your own time and efforts, let an expert education recruitment agency, such as link-education.co.uk in London, do the legwork. Agencies have strong networks and an extensive knowledge of schools in your target location. An agency is able to help you make a good impression on your potential employer.

Do not be afraid to relocate if you are finding it hard to get a job in your current location. Some places might be in need of qualified teachers so keep looking. With these tips, you are well on the way to your dream teaching job.