Someone stealing a bottle of wineOwning and operating a retail business has its challenges, not the least of which is security. If you have a supermarket chain, for example, you may need a considerable number of employees to keep them running efficiently. You can’t just hire anybody off the street because most problems with employee theft and pilferage happen due to bad screening practices. You are also responsible for controlling the movement of stocks in your warehouses and stores, so you need to keep those areas secure, as well.

To prevent employee theft and shoplifting from becoming a huge problem at your retail outlets, here are some security tips.

Screen your employees properly

Knowing an applicant’s history can go a long way in preventing employee theft in your stores. To do this, you need a trustworthy, reliable and efficient HR manager and staff. Your HR should screen the applicants properly; if you have to interview applicants for a particular job, your HR should eliminate those who are not qualified already. Your HR should also use a service to perform employment police checks, just to be sure the applicants that make it to the final interview do not have a questionable past.

Hire security for indoor and outdoor

Security guards are often deterrents to stealing. But if all of your guards are stationed outside, they are likely to miss what’s going on inside the store. You need plain-clothes security personnel pretending to be shoppers in your premises, just to stop dishonest employees from stealing and catch shoplifters red-handed.

Use security cameras

Installing security cameras in strategic areas of your store, inside and out, can also prevent theft. Even if someone does steal something, you have the cameras for evidence. At least one security personnel should be in charge of monitoring the camera feeds at any given time.

These are simple yet effective suggestions. Use them to protect your company from employee theft and shoplifting.