brand awareness and recallPromotional items have a good marketing impact. Everyone who has been paying attention to their brand's performance will know this by now. There is a need to choose the items that have a great impact, however.

If you are going to spend, you might as well choose items that have a high chance of reaping rewards. Here are custom promotional products that have been tried and tested to work:

1. Mugs

If you have that red Nescafé mug at home, you already know this one is a great choice. It is useful, especially because Nescafé customers need a mug to pour their hot coffee into.

If you sell a beverage, or perhaps coffee beans, offering promotional mugs will be one of the first things suggested to you by your marketing team. Take it and run with it. Offer a variety of colours and designs for a limited time to drive demand for the item and ultimately the products you sell.

2. Journal

With the rise of bullet journaling and the ever-successful industry of collecting notebooks even when you have nothing to write, journals are another wise investment.

Customers can keep it for up to four years, especially if you have left the spaces unmarked and free of dates or day markers. This improves their shelf life and expands the number of ways they can be used.

3. USB Stick

This generation is all about being online and digital. What better way to remind them of your brand than through an item they all need and can never have enough of? A USB stick with a good amount of storage space can go a long way in improving brand recall.

It is small, useful and easy to carry. Increase your chances of success by designing it according to your brand's colours, mascot or logo.

You are enticing customers with a promotional item, but, rather than just giving them something they can easily throw away, offer something that can be a part of their life. Before you know it, your brand has become part of their home, too.