Making Steel Products

Steel is such an important material in any business and industry around the world. In the US, steel is one of the prime materials used in commercial buildings, enterprises, transportation and residential houses. Many manufacturing and fabrication companies, like Hascall Steel Company, know steel’s value in many industries because of its qualities.

Steel’s Unique Qualities

Steel offers strength and durability than other materials. Steel can accommodate mechanical ducts for heating, ventilating and air conditioning. These can help reduce additional building extensions, which means less cost. Steel also protects against temperature changes or extremes, which makes your structure more durable.

Many people consider steel as a green construction material due to its recyclability and its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The steel manufacturing and fabrication industry encourage the use of recycling. 88 percent of steel beams from U.S. mills are recycled, while 98 percent end up in end of life recycling.

Many companies and contractors spend less in testing and inspection when it comes to steel. Since steel’s quality and workability is predictable and reliable, it is considered to be the most versatile construction material in many industries.

Types and Options

Steel can be manufactured and fabricated in many forms to fit any industry’s needs. Steels come in four main types: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and tool steel.

Carbon steel is sometimes used for wires and casting because of its strength and sturdiness. Though carbon steel is hard, it can be brittle.

Alloy steel has different percentages of alloys to accommodate a specific use, such as corrosion resistance or ductility. It is often used for pipelines, auto parts, engines and electric motors.

Stainless steel is 200 times more resistant to corrosion than alloy steel. Most often it is used for kitchen utensils and dental or surgical implements.

Tool steel often uses tungsten and cobalt to make it more durable and resistant to heat.It is used in the automotive, construction, packaging and shipping industries.

Today, no industry can do without steel. It is the jack-of-all-trades of materials in this modern age of construction and fabrication.