Girls on a bachelorette party of a brideWalking down the aisle is one of the most beautiful moments in a girl’s life, but preparing for the big day can be tiring and nerve-racking. Looking for affordable caterers, dresses, flowers and wedding rentals in St. Paul, Minnesota can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. It might make you wonder why you even have to bother with all these little details anyway. Well, take a break from it all for a bit and amuse yourself with these tidbits of trivia about the wedding traditions you love and hate.

Bouquets against Evil

The bouquets brides carry nowadays are gorgeous, and you want yours to be perfect, too. But, did you know that it’s more than just a pretty accessory for the bridal outfit? Brides originally carried bouquets to ward off evil, but they made them with herbs like garlic and dill, which gave off strong smells that they believed could drive away evil spirits.

Stay Clean for your Wedding

Back in the day, people didn’t bathe too often, and this rare cleansing typically happened in May. So if you got married in June, you’d still smell relatively nice. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Statement Dresses

Brides didn’t always wear white to the ceremony. In fact, they often put on their best dresses – no matter the color. It was actually Queen Victoria who broke the trend of wearing red wedding gowns by walking down the aisle in white silk-satin.

Protector Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids used to dress like the bride to confuse evil spirits. It was not until people’s fear of evil spirits subsided that the dress, veil and bouquet became unique to the bride.

A lot of the traditions in weddings nowadays show extravagance and beauty, but they have superstitious roots, too. These bits and pieces of history will make you see weddings in a whole new light!