currency exchangeAlgomi news is for now centred on Honeycomb – a software program designed to aid bond trading. It helps make connections between traders and relevant bonds. There is also a networking aspect as it tracks activity on bonds so that users can tap into relationships that serve their purpose. Workflow is also made simpler by Honeycomb as it helps prioritise tasks. All of these qualities mean Honeycomb creates a highly usable structure out of the massive cloud of market information. This is good news. Algomi are spearheading a movement towards integrating human interactions, technology and information. 

Algomi news – Foundations

Algomi news shows that it is very much a company that is interested in foundations. They seek to underpin existing businesses and structures giving them a new space in which to work. Their role is in technology and support. This allows them to take one step outside the competitive market and see the possible connections. These may not be so obvious to those who, necessarily, have to compete in the market to survive. Algomi news shows that they champion connection and collaboration. This fresh voice can only mean positive benefits for the bond trading industry.

Algomi news – Connections

The latest Algomi news demonstrates that connections are everything when it comes to building a platform for growth. They are exploring the synergistic relationship between market information and technology, propelling us into a future that we cannot yet conceive. When companies and information stand together, they can reach new heights of development. Algomi news tells us that they are able to turn the problem of illiquidity in the market into an opportunity to do more, better.

Algomi news – partnerships

There are even more exciting partnerships in the news. Algomi reports the development of a 10 year strategic relationship with Euronext. They aim to create a definitive hub for pan-European trade information and create unprecedented unity and clarity. Connecting buyers with dealers and trades at the right time means move movement in the market and greater liquidity. This leads to an expansion of possibilities. Real-world connections like this, alongside the virtual web of Honeycomb algorithms, increases the overall potential for everyone. Algomi news offers a tantalising preview of what is to come.